Conservators and Restorers of Paintings

38 Cornwall Gardens, London SW7 4AA

ATELIER: 109 Leathwaite Road, London, SW11 6RW

Mobile: +44 (0) 78 36 35 9995


The range of conservation and restoration skills undertaken include:

Surface cleaning,

Removal of discoloured varnish, retouching and overpaint,

Consolidation of fragile and flaking paint,

Local repair of tears and holes,

Full lining, strip, blind and cami linings to give added support to weakened canvases,

Supply of new stretchers,


Panel work; including rejoining split panels.

Filling, in-painting and retouching of paint losses, and revarnishing.

Digital photography of works

Ultra-Violet Photography

Preventative Conservation and Surveys:

Condition assessments for loans or purchases

benchmarking survey

boxing and protection

cleaning of collections

condition survey, collection

development of conservation plans


Conservation Project Management:

project evaluation

project management